ZivaMedia delivers excellent quality photo and video services. Our creative approach and use of cutting edge digital imagery solutions makes the most of our customers’ fascination to our work. We use a mix of cutting edge digital technologies to deliver superior value to our customers.


To deliver superior values to our clients in the multimedia industry, through the use of our utmost creativity and leveraging the best of technologies in digital imaging and in so doing, consistently produce high quality media products and services that engage our customers in visual feast that keeps them coming back for more.


To be the most creative media company of choice in Nigeria and beyond known for great solutions in photography and video production.


We work for individuals, corporate, government and non-governmental organizations.


We were established to meet and exceed our customers’ needs by abiding by utmost integrity in the delivery of our services, thereby ensuring the continued loyalty of our customers. We have highly experienced and skilled staffs, comprising of photographers, graphics designers, videographers and website designers that are highly motivated and equipped with the state-of-the-art digital technologies.